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 "I was SO excited to discover SOL Juice. Many times I am too busy to make my own juice, or even to go out to get it. What a relief to have it made for and delivered to me! This makes it super easy to do a last-minute cleanse, help me recover swiftly when I'm sick, or support me in feeling vibrant in the midst of living a full life. Con is super friendly, reliable, and available. He's always at-the-ready to help me out. And his juices are, honestly, the best I've ever had. The ingredients are top notch, and the combinations and flavors are creative and delicious. Plus, his raw almond milk is nothing short of divine!"

Sara Avant Stover

Author of the bestselling book The Way of the Happy Woman


"SOL juice sets such a high precedent on juice in Boulder. When I drink SOL juice I feel the Soul of it. What does this mean to me? I feel nourished, happier, a feeling of drinking in genuine life. I know I am giving myself a gift of LOVE. SOL juice is the real thing! I know Juice may be the next coffee. Con's Sol juice sets the standard for all of us way high. Thank you Sol juice for your excellence!!!"

Diane Israel


"I love my juice.  When life is busy and I just don't have the time to shop, make it or clean up it is so nice to have Sol Juice around.  They are local, use 100% organic ingredients and they deliver right to your door.  Yes- that's right- they deliver and they taste delicious!  They are great for all of my needs- just to have in the fridge to grab and go or for a 3 day cleanse.  I love them for both."

Alex Teller


"Thank you Con for the incredible juice and the experience of the 3 day color cleanse. I feel lighter, more balanced and wonderful. The juices are divine...the taste is so earthy and bright....and the ingredients are fresh. I love that you took the time to explain about your product and delivered it to my door everyday. I will be doing this again in the spring!!!!! Thank you again!!!!"

Dotti Longobardi