Con personally presses each juice fresh to order out of our micro-juicery in Boulder, Colorado and delivers straight to your door! We use only the best organic produce available to deliver you the healthiest most delicious juice possible. We strive to make our product available and affordable to as many people as possible without compromising the quality of our product. Every ingredient in our juice is 100% organic . We believe our farmers deserve to be paid a fair price and should never have to handle dangerous pesticides. We make every juice to order using a cold-press juicer; not because this is an easy method, but because it produces the highest quality, nutrient rich juice possible. Although other juices can be found at a lower price, keep in mind, these juices don't always meet SOL standards.


Con Lazarakis: Owner & Operator.

Con has been making and drinking cold-pressed juice for years and has experienced the benefits first hand. By adjusting their diet and drinking raw, organic juice it helped both his father and sister overcome major health issues. In 2011, when he moved to Boulder from Australia he was surprised to find that there was nowhere to get cold-pressed, organic juice. He started Sol Juice in the summer of 2012 making juice at the Louisville Farmers’ Market, and from there Sol Juice has evolved into what it is today.  Con previously worked as a chef for 10 years at one of the top restaurants in Melbourne, Australia. Con brings his understanding of flavors to every juice he makes, and has designed each juice to be delicious and nourishing. He is excited to share this fresh, organic, raw, cold-pressed juice with the people of Colorado!


why juice? 

Juicing helps your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from vegetables by 'pre-digesting' them for you. This is a great way to get a concentrated amount of nutrients from a wide variety of vegetables. We believe that health starts from the inside out, and improving the internal environment of your body is a key to achieving optimum health. 

why juice cleanse?

Juice cleansing is an excellent way to give your digestive system a short break while flooding your body with live enzymes and nutrients. Fiber is important in your regular diet, but creates a lot of work for the digestive system. While on a juice cleanse your body does not have to expel any energy digesting processed foods and fiber, so the other organs of your body are able to use that energy to heal. Juice has only trace amounts of fiber so all of the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream faster. This is not a fast; you are not depriving your body while on a SOL cleanse, but nourishing it. To achieve the maximum benefits from a juice cleanse it is important for the juice to be 100% organic and raw. Sol cleanse is detoxifying, alkalizing & rejuvenating. Your body will love it!

why cold-pressed?

By pressing (rather than using a centrifuge), oxidation of the juice is minimized and nutrients and enzymes are better preserved. The juice will last longer and taste better! 

why organic?

Consuming organic produce reduces exposure to pesticides. Organic produce is much better for the environment and for the farmers who don't have to handle dangerous chemicals.